News Week 43

23Th October 2018

The Ultra-Trail Runner Wong Ho Fai trains with REAXING

The first revolutionary patented treadmill which simulates hiking and cross country running, thanks to its exclusive technology

“My name is Wong Ho Fai and I am an ultra-trail runner from Hong Kong. I am always travelling around the world to participate to races, running thousands of miles on uneven terrains. From place to place, my body has to adapt to the different environment. This is why at home I choose Reax Run. It is the perfect equipment to train your body to the unpredictable and constant changes of inclinations and directions that characterise outdoor running.”

As our international ambassador Wong Ho Fai testifies, the Reax Run is the only treadmill in the world capable to reproduce an “off- Road” running experience. When the monotony of running or walking on a flat surface is interrupted by sudden variations in planarity, with inclinations on the frontal and lateral axle of the support surface, it changes profoundly the neuromuscular activation and the biomechanics of the movement. The unpredictability generated by the Reax Run is produced by specific programs with variable intensity that are highly customisable according to the user’s characteristics. The runner is totally unaware of the direction, frequency, speed and intensity of the interferences that have been set in the program. He will be forced to remain focused and react from a neuro-motor point of view step by step, just as it happens when you walk or run outdoor. The Reax Run revolutionises the running training experience and fits perfectly also into all training programs for fitness lovers, during post-trauma functional recovery and in strength and conditioning training for specific sports.
So, with this in mind, what are the principal benefits of using Reax Run? First of all, Reax Run helps you improving your reactivity, proprioception and neuro-motor activity during your working sessions. Besides, thanks to the unpredictable instability Reax Run reproduces, it activates your metabolic activity more than 10 times compared to a traditional treadmill.