News Week 14

23Th May 2019



Dutch distributor Bodybow Healthcare finalized their first Reaxing project in the Netherlands at Nobels Physiotherapy.

Nobels Physiotherapy is a well-known Dutch paramedical centre. The owner Bob Nobels has several studies appart from physiotherapy such as: a masters in manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, psychosomatic physiotherapy and golf physiotherapy. Due to his 38 years of experience on this field, he is considered as one of the top specialists in physiotherapy in the Netherlands.

After being introduced to the Reaxing products and methods, Bob immediately aknowledged their unique usefulness for his practice and exercise/fitness activities. The Reax Board, Reax Lights Station Compact and all Fluiweight products are now available for all Nobels therapists and their patients.

Bob is convinced that his patients will benefit from the training possibilities Reaxing offers. Not only in rehab therapy but also in preventive training to avoid physical problems and training to increase quality and life expectancy in general, for instance elderly people.

The ever present balance and stability aspect is an important issue in the Reaxing method, but also the challenging “fun” aspect of the training is very important, according to Bob.

If necessary training and exercise is boring and not challenging, patients tend not to do it. With the Reaxing equipment, the user trains and has fun at the same time.