News Week 21

19Th Jul 2019


The Reax Fluipump water course is the first water course with a special, new and innovative tool that keeps its weight inside and outside the water.

The traditional tools for courses in water work only when they are immersed, losing any kind of functionality and weight as soon as they are pulled out of the water. On the other hand, Reax Fluipump, a rubber ball with colored liquid inside, never loses its efficacy. The hole from which it is crossed in the middle, provides a solid grip for every kind of exercises and the liquid inside makes the tool dynamically, unpredictable and versatile.

Virgin Active Academy’s pool manager, Andrea Gilardoni, has chosen to present his new Reax Fluipump water protocol on the occasion of Rimini Wellness 2019, where the tool was a huge success!
“The training goals can be of a traditional type such as generalized cardiovascular, muscle specific, or functional type. In the second case, the characteristics of the Reax Fluipump are enhanced, creating synergy between the instability of the water of the pool and the liquid inside the balls. For this reason it is useful to combine gestures typical of aquatic fitness, inside and outside the water.”

This new courses are perfect before the summer holidays! There is nothing better than a good and fun training submerged in fresh water that allows you to burn a lot of calories!