News Week 9

15Th March 2019



54 nationalities, 16 languages; people from all over the world with different cultures, ideologies and religions. From February 28 to March 3, all the Reaxing distributors’ trainers joined the four-days Reaxing International Training Summit at the Reaxing Training Academy in Milan. All with the same purpose: following their passion for the innovative neuromuscular training method.

These days alternated theory with technical explanation and practice with special training sessions on every piece of the Reaxing equipment.

Day one started with a deep introduction to the company’s concept and equipment by the Reaxing US Vice-President Alan Holl, followed by Katherine Benson, the Head of Training & Solutions, explaining the role, tasks and goals of the Reaxing Training Academy. Then, it was the turn of Daniele Tognaccini, the AC Milan Lab’s athletic trainer and manager for years, and of Dr Marco De Angelis, a physician specialised in sport medicine, who gave us some special insights about the scientific foundations of the neuromuscolar training.

Last but not least, a surprising contribution came via Skype from the Reaxing International Brand Ambassador Niccolò Porcella, a world surf and wingsuit champion, allowing the audience to move to Maui – Hawaii for at least a few minutes.

The training sessions were delivered by three greatest Reaxing Ma Trainers : Alessandro Barbero from Italy, David Navarro from Spain and Diego Novello from Argentine, who drove all the trainers present into the Reaxing world. Different workouts have taken place, covering both the Group Activity and Personal Training topics, going through actual practice sessions, reverse teaching and assessments, which allowed the participants to be active, dynamic and reactive for the duration of the event.

There was no lack of easy and funny moments though: we shared delicious Italian dinners and long talks which led to become all friends.

It has been a wonderful time and Reaxing wants to thank all its participants.

Now … Is everybody ready to react?