News Week 10

26Th March 2019



Reax Board destabilizes any movement performed on it. As a result, this innovative functional training reaches the highest neuromuscular level of intensity you can get.

Reax Board is an incredibly “smart” floor able to reproduce and generate sudden interferences during the movement. The training solutions are endless. Standard exercises, performed under stable and predictable conditions, become unpredictable and much more fun and effective. All muscles are activated and focus must always be kept high and steady. Thanks to a tablet and its dedicated app, the user or the PT can select the difficulty level he wishes and choose among several pre-configured training programs.

PT special sessions are available only in the presence of a trainer, in order to perform intense and customized programs in total safety inside the club. For example, during the original “live” program, the PT can alter the movement through real-time interferences. He can adjust the intensity, speed, direction and frequency of the interference and freeze the board in the position he wishes. All this happens during the training performance.